At a standstill?

I haven’t felt so lost and confused about my goals and the route through which I want to achieve them. It’s becoming an abstract vision by the day.

Sometimes, the enthusiasm to keep going are as cold as ghost. Everything seem more complicated. The eyes can see all the things that could go wrong, the “not enough” label is overwhelming.

The path already tried brought hardly any efficient result, so nothing ignite excitement. The urge to try again is weak.

I’m so lonely.

This clearly is someone close to depression. What would you advise a person close to giving up on life? How would you change their narrative?

A lot of people need help but they aren’t asking. Your closest friend has shadows he is trying to evade.

How would you help?


Let it go!

Have you wondered why you feel so heavy when you’re troubled?

You feel the heavy weight of whatever you carry crumbling you. You feel burdened, sad and worried. You’ve the urge to shut yourself out/in, away from everyone…away from life. You wanted it all to end.

It is even worse when you have no one to share your tale, hence you carry the pain like pail around. Your appearance becomes a camera to the fire burning your throat. You want to scream, no one is there to tell it to. There is no way you could get this over….it seems.

Have you tried it?

Talking…..Yes! talking.

Talk it out to the one who understands all emotion. Say it! Alone in your private place. In the dead of the night where you can cry without shame. You can spill it without acting like its all fine. No! its not. You know its not. Don’t pretend.

Take a book, write out your pain. List out all the negative vibes that wear you down, making you feel less, low, unwanted, unloved, unable… You’re able.

You’re strong, and you will be over it.

Trust your voice…

whatever it is you can talk with. Your tongue, your pen, your sweetness….

Talk! Let it go!

You deserve to be happy. Be happy!

Tell it out! You don’t have to be so burdened.


leaving you with the sick feeling of never being enough to try.

Fear cripples!

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR” – George Addair

Fear takes everything away from you.

Your goals,

the right to live a fulfilling life,

the things you should have said,

the path you should’ve coursed.

You are afraid to dare beyond the borders of your imaginations due to what (ifs).

You create a body of restraint unconsciously in your mind, which draws you back every time.

Until you choose to break free!

The power to bring to life everything you wanted is in your hands. Ask yourself! if I was never afraid, what would I do better.

Do it! Damn the consequences.


Tiny Steps

“with tiny limbs

and tiny steps

I’d climb giant mountains”


For me, and perhaps for you.

Who do I ask to hold my hand and the light to find my way

What do I do when I seem to not know the way

When would I trust myself to believe my dreams can be real

When would I feel like a bird; fly as free and as high I can go

When would it all start to have a meaning

When will all the shadows that sprout let me be

I’m pressured, but I’m more pressured to fight so much and not make a gem for all my sweat.