At a standstill?

How would you help someone close to giving up

I haven’t felt so lost and confused about my goals and the route through which I want to achieve them. It’s becoming an abstract vision by the day.

Sometimes, the enthusiasm to keep going are as cold as ghost. Everything seem more complicated. The eyes can see all the things that could go wrong, the “not enough” label is overwhelming.

The path already tried brought hardly any efficient result, so nothing ignite excitement. The urge to try again is weak.

I’m so lonely.

This clearly is someone close to depression. What would you advise a person close to giving up on life? How would you change their narrative?

A lot of people need help but they aren’t asking. Your closest friend has shadows he is trying to evade.

How would you help?

By memewrites

I'm available for all copywriting, blog and website posts. I write poetry in my pressured moment when I feel low.

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